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Why you need to be like Conor McGregor to be successful!

Why you need to be like Conor McGregor to be successful!
Published: 20/01/2020

Every fighter that steps into a ring wants to win. It's what they make all the sacrifices for, train hard for and it's all they focus on. Their goals are the same, win. But only one person truly wins. So if your goals are the same as others, what actually determines if you reach them?

Goals don't equal success. Let's look at an example.

You and I have a goal, we both want to lose 5kg in 3 months. You get professional advice, a well thought out plan and you execute on everything that will bring you a little closer to the best of your ability by doing the little things.

I choose not to get professional advice and train myself (imagining I don't actually have a degree in this for a moment). No plan and no professional to help me.

But our goals are the same, so we can both achieve them right? Wrong.

You have a better system. I don't have a system at all. You are Conor McGregor in this situation. You sought out a team of people who are professionals in their fields to support you, decided upon what you needed to do and you did it.

Systems create habits. Habits create easier patterns throughout your day.

Systems equal success. Focus on them. Not the goal.

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