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This has changed everything

This has changed everything
Published: 25/05/2019

My biggest challenge was making the time to get to the gym. Looking after myself was not a priority. I would make excuses not to go to the gym like the kids come first or I would say I’ll go tomorrow and wouldn’t. I felt really depressed and disliked myself for being so lazy and not committing as I had a gym membership and started at another CrossFit box. But I still didn’t find my mojo and continued in my nasty cycle.

I joined Ariston in May 2018 for the 12 week challenge. I chose to do the challenge as I needed something to make me accountable and a reason to create the time, habit to go and get in a workout. After my first week, I fractured my ankle playing netball, but I had made the decision that nothing was going to stop me from changing my ways and I kept going. The coaches were so accommodating while I was injured and all the members just so amazing, encouraging me made it easy to get up and come every day. My whole mindset changed after joining.

Biggest would be losing 20kg, feeling comfortable in myself again, changing my whole lifestyle with the help of the nutrition plan from Ariston. Other results are getting my first ever bar muscle up, learning how to snatch and doing a 46kg personal best (more results than I can list). Now I’m focused on improving movements in one on ones to go to the next level.

Just give it a go, you have nothing to lose, CrossFit is for everyone, everything can be modified and scaled to support any level of fitness. CrossFit is more the just fitness it’s a lifestyle.

I'm so glad I chose to join Ariston best decision I’ve made since having kids. The Ariston coaches and community are why I keep going it's like a second home/family.

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