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Gingerbread Protein Smoothie

Get some christmas cheer with our Gingerbread Protein Smoothie! ¬†Great for a quick breakfast on the go, or as a post-workout replenisher. 220ml unsweetened macadamia milk, almond milk or your favourite type of milk 2 tsp chia seeds 1 tbsp maple syrup 1/4 tsp mixed spice 1/4 tsp ginger 10g oats 1/2 scoop bulk nutrients […]

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CrossFit for Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle course racing (OCR) has become a very popular activity for many people and with this many new obstacle course type races now exist. From the Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, The Holt Bolt and Operation Blackhawk there are many opportunities to have fun. You may be looking at entering one of these races or want […]

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3 Ways Teens Can Improve Sports Performance

A huge mistake that many coaches or parents make when undertaking training with their teenager for sports performance is that they see what the current champions do and attempt to mimic that. This is the number one way NOT to improve and if anything your athlete will burn out. Champions do the right things but […]

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Does your day include any of these 5 simple and healthy tips?

These are all very simple and easy tips that you can introduce to your daily routine to help your health. Let's use this list as a reminder and checklist to start the week. Aim to implement each tip into every day of this week and see how you feel. Stay hydrated. Water is the best […]

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