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Redefine Your Definition of Failure

We have recently discovered, or rather rediscovered, that our youngest daughter is quite a faster runner. We figured it was perhaps time to get her some athletics training to help hone in on those skills. As my daughter and I set out to her first training session, she said to me “but mummy, what if […]

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3-4 tomatoes handful of green shallots large handful of coriander leaves a slice of capsicum 1 fresh chilli squeeze of lime juice salt & pepper   Simply throw it all into a small food processor or blender and pulse. Don’t over blend to a smoothie, just have it chopped enough to combine.   Serve with […]

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The Magic Secret To Weight Loss

We all want to know what the secret equation is for losing weight. Perhaps you’re trying to find something more exciting, perhaps something new that surely someone doesn’t already know, something that can work while you continue to live your life the way it is without disruption, without effort and without thoughtfulness and consistency. Something […]

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Asian Brown Rice Noodle and Green Salad

1/2 head broccoli 100g green beans 1 cup chopped kale 200g brown rice noodles (Woolworths) Dressing 2cm ginger grated 1 clove of garlic crushed 2 limes juiced 2 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar Topping 1 sheet of nori crushed 1 tbsp toasted sesame seed 1 tsp fresh chilli / […]

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Why Women Should Lift Weights

Some years ago, my go to exercise was running. It was cheap. I could choose when I wanted to do it and, for a time, it seemed to help with controlling my weight. Then things just got harder. I got frustrated. My weight started to increase and I didn’t understand why. I was exercising and […]

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Is CrossFit making females bulky?

Within fitness many old beliefs stemming from decades ago exist, some are spread by trainers who are ignorant to evidence and new research while many believe them because they heard it. One of these is that lifting weights will make females look like men, or appear too muscular or bulky. First off let me say […]

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