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CrossFit Gymnastics Workshop

SATURDAY 6th FEBRUARY 2021 @ 9AM - 2PM The Movements Method Gymnastics Seminar is an immersive experience into the world of CrossFit Gymnastics. Jacob from The Movements Method brings over 14 years of industry experience (as a gymnast, MAG and WAG coach, advanced WAG bar specialist and CrossFit coach) together in a fun, creative, and […]

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CrossFit has No Equal

CrossFit is accused of so many things, you probably have your own perception. I know I did before I started six years ago, I didn't think it was of benefit. CrossFit seemed to be just "another" form of exercise but my mind was opened once I actually tried it and took the Level 1 Certification. […]

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Master Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

Prior to attempting and movement that you load the neck you must have adequate strength in your arms to control your body weight. Do not attempt if you can not do push-ups on your toes or feel confident while inverted. Instead, use the modification options. Handstand Hold No matter which inverted position is best for […]

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Master the Kipping Pull Up

The kipping pull up is useful when you are trying to complete a set task quickly or high volume. Below we will outline the progressions you can use in your spare time or coaches you can incorporate these into skills sessions. As with all our skill progressions once you get to a movement you can't […]

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Master Indoor Rowing

If you have stepped inside a gym there is a good chance you have sat down on a Concept2 rowing machine and had a go. Nearly every person who starts with us learns how to row well for the very first time because no one has shown them before. Now we are showing you how […]

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Master the Butterfly Pull Up

After an athlete has mastered the kipping pull up they can choose to progress to a butterfly pull up. We strongly recommend you have mastered the kipping pull up (can do 10+ consecutive reps with great mechanics) before learning the butterfly because a strong kip is applicable to Toes to bar, bar muscle-ups and ring […]

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