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Master the Ring Muscle Up

Master the Ring Muscle Up
Published: 04/02/2020

The Ring Muscle Up is a movement that many people set a goal to achieve. It's a result of a lot of coordination, timing, power, stability, mobility, and strength. There are a lot of ways to teach the Ring Muscle Up, the progressions you are about to watch are what we have found work most effectively. We recommend you are comfortable doing strict chest to bar pull-ups and strict ring dips before attempting the full movement. You can practice all the progressions leading up to the muscle-up attempt if you still need to work on strength as they are great coordination drills.

Target Jump

You will see the target jump at the beginning of all our gymnastics progressions that we hang from a bar or rings. The target jump is designed to put you in the best position to begin your kipping swing from and give you the strongest grip position which is very important in muscle-ups

Small Kipping Swing

Kipping on a bar and kipping on the rings is different because the rings move. You need to keep tension on the rings, to do this you must push forward on the rings as your head goes forward in the swing and then pull back as your head swings back to keep your arms behind your ears. This will make a lot more sense soon.

Large Kipping Swing

Now you are making your kipping swings larger. You must be comfortable through a large range of motion in kipping ring muscle-ups. If you feel tight in your shoulders we recommend working on mobility before loading up large kipping swings. You will notice in the video as Coach Luke pulls back hard on the rings his body elevates. This is integral to getting yourself up on top of the rings. This shortens the distance between shoulders and rings, making it easier to transition over them.

Supine Hip Pops

This drill focuses on practicing the skill of opening your hips. It's important to not push through your feet because when you are hanging from the rings you won't have anything to push your feet against. When doing a hip pop use your knees to lead your hips. Drive your knees up fast and your hips must follow.

Low Ring Muscle Up

This is our new way of practicing the transition into the muscle-up using a snap pull (fast pull back on rings) and hip pop. You can see in the first two reps how high the combination of these two movements elevates the body. Practice being as fast as possible and catching in a good stable dip position. One advantage of the snap pull is that brings the rings under you easily however this can come as surprise for those who are not accustomed to it. To avoid falling through the rings practice the low ring muscle up a lot.

The Ring Muscle Up

Adding all of these progressions together makes for an efficient muscle up and possibly your first ever! Make sure you are not trying to pull in a strict manner at all. As soon as you initiate a strict pull motion you will slow down and stop all of the great momentum the kip, hip pop and snap pull give you. Gravity will push you down fast, this is where you see many people get stuck, just not quite making the transition because they were slow in transition. You will read more about not pulling in a strict manner in our bar muscle-up, kipping pull up / chest to bar and butterfly pull up / chest to bar skill progressions posts coming soon.

If you want to work on your ring muscle-ups we regularly do these skill progressions in class prior to workouts and we can help you too in Personal Training Sessions. Book a time below.

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