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Master the Kipping Pull Up

Master the Kipping Pull Up
Published: 01/03/2020

The kipping pull up is useful when you are trying to complete a set task quickly or high volume. Below we will outline the progressions you can use in your spare time or coaches you can incorporate these into skills sessions. As with all our skill progressions once you get to a movement you can't do keep practicing the one before it.


You will see this movement start all of our hanging skill progressions. That's because getting set up in the right positions is key to the success of your rep. It's ok if you need to stay on this and keep practicing it, nail this every time you jump onto a bar and you will start well consistently.


If you have read our Ring Muscle Up skill progression post you will know that kipping on rings and the bar is different. For all kipping swings, the movement must be controlled from the shoulders. If you start with a good target jump you will naturally fall into what we call the arch position with feet and hands behind you. From this position push your shoulders back behind the bar so that your hands and feet are now in front of you. Limit how much your feet move for now.


This is the same as the small kip swing but now you will push back further and also fall through further. For both kipping swings, your hands should not be moving on the bar. If they are moving already it's putting you in a weaker position to perform pull up from. Keep your feet below your knees.


Take the large kip swing and push back as far as possible performing one rep at a time. You can see in the video that Coach Luke's shoulders are a long way behind the bar and this shortens the distance between his hips and the bar.


Repeating the movement above you now bring your knees up fast and level with your hips. This is important for the next skill as your knees lead your hips.


This drill focuses on practicing the skill of opening your hips, FAST! It's important to not push through your feet because when you are hanging from the rings you won't have anything to push your feet against. When doing a hip-pop use your knees to lead your hips. Drive your knees up fast and your hips must follow.


A common error we see is a person trying to pull themselves up to the bar to make up for a weak kip or hip-pop. If you push back on the bar hard enough and pop your hips fast your body should float upwards and either have you at a pull-up position or very close to without using your arms. We have seen members achieve kipping pull ups from simply not trying to pull with their arms and focus entirely on their strong kip and hip pop.

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