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Master Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

Master Kipping Handstand Push-Ups
Published: 10/03/2020

Prior to attempting and movement that you load the neck you must have adequate strength in your arms to control your body weight. Do not attempt if you can not do push-ups on your toes or feel confident while inverted. Instead, use the modification options.

Handstand Hold

No matter which inverted position is best for you the goal is to become comfortable with being inverted and holding your weight with straight arms. If you have done this a lot and are comfortable, the goal is to make your hand placement consistent.

Controlled Lower

From an inverted position bend your elbows in the direction you are looking (this avoids elbows flaring outwards too far). Slowly control your lower down to a position where your head is in front of your hands. Kick down from here. This is a great progression for developing strength.

Slow Kip Practice

The goal is to feel out where your feet will go when kipping. Mistakes commonly seen are feet going away from the wall or straight into the wall. Kick high and slightly back to the wall with your heels.

Kipping Handstand Push Up

Start with a mat under your head to develop confidence and technique. This should not be relied on in workouts as you want to be developing a full range of motion strength. Remove the mat when you feel confident.

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