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Master Indoor Rowing

Master Indoor Rowing
Published: 24/02/2020

If you have stepped inside a gym there is a good chance you have sat down on a Concept2 rowing machine and had a go. Nearly every person who starts with us learns how to row well for the very first time because no one has shown them before. Now we are showing you how to row well and practice it anytime you like.


For 30sec you will maintain shoulders over or slightly in front of your hips as you extend your legs. Pause at the end before returning for the next stroke. Keep your arms straight. Most people lean back before their legs have extended and in doing so miss the most powerful sequence of legs then hips then arms.


For another 30sec keep your arms straight again and add on a lean back to open your hips after your legs have extended. Pause again at the end of each stroke.


Continuing on for another 30sec you will now pull the handle to the bottom of your sternum after your hips have opened. Pause again at the end of each stroke.


Now you will practice a strong drive followed by an easy and relaxed recovery. A guide is to make your recovery (the phase after your stroke and you return for the next pull) twice as long as the drive. Often people row at a stroke rate that is inefficient and does not make the most of a good drive. Aim for between 20-30 strokes per minute.

If you feel you need more practice to extend the time you spend on each progression.

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