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Improving Fitness for Soccer

Improving Fitness for Soccer
Published: 28/01/2020

The physical performance of soccer players is dependant on a combination of fitness areas. Kids who play soccer cover a lot of running distance requiring them to establish a high aerobic capacity in order to keep up with teammates and competitors. The aerobic energy system is certainly not alone in making a physical performance in soccer. It is often the role of anaerobic metabolism during sprinting, jumping and kicking that makes up decisive actions and ultimately moments that can win or lose games. Overall an athlete playing soccer needs to work on a combination of endurance, speed, agility, and strength to improve performance. How does an athlete do this?

Soccer players need to work on:

  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength

Training needs to be structured and well balanced so that overtraining does not occur. With such a broad combination of physical determinants, it could be easy for an athlete to do too much or miss the mark. A professional trainer will help in preventing this from occurring. Athletes engaging in soccer training would cover a lot of running in their team sessions which would allow for aerobic capacity to be built. They may also do some sprint work. Very rarely are teams able to complete true strength work due to the environmental and logistical constraints on team training sessions. Due to this athletes are missing key strength gains that also improve speed, agility and can indirectly improve endurance.

When working with soccer players we check in often to ensure the physical stress we are placing on the body during training sessions will not be too much in combination with team training sessions. It's also vital that athletes are still challenged to ensure strength gains are made. The balance relies heavily upon communication between coach and athlete. A lack of communication can result in a plateau or even overtraining.

The goal of training programs prescribed for soccer players by us is to make them faster, more agile, stronger and able to outlast everyone else on the field.

If your child plays soccer or you want to improve your physical performance yourself book a free meeting with a professional coach now:

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