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Published: 30/04/2019

This is my story, and I would not change a thing, my only wish is that I started this years ago.

At 105kg+, I was on a slippery path to bad health and at nearly 50 years old something had to be done. You could call me an empty nester, kids gone, working home alone during the day while hubby is at work, I had to make time for ME! My husband and I have a plan to travel one day and I could not imagine doing it in the state I was in, time for change.

Literally I could not hang out the clothes without my arms aching, this makes me laugh now, but then it was just normal. I had no energy and fog on the brain! Getting out of bed hurt every part of me, I had no self esteem, no confidence and all my clothes shopping was in the plus size now, I really did not like what I was becoming. I just did not know what to do until I saw an ad for a challenge at Ariston Fitness.

I did a 6 week challenge, that is when it all changed. I can remember looking at all the “FIT” people thinking, “I will never be able to do that!” But with the help of the fantastic staff of Ariston Fitness and the support of the wonderful members, my fitness improved and my nutrition changed giving me more energy, better clarity and I  started feeling fantastic.

Initially, I was asked to make a list of things I wanted to change and everything on there is well and truly ticked off:
Question: Specifically, what do you want to accomplish through this program
  • Ability to go hiking or walking long distanced when we travel
  • Do different activities and play team sports again
  • Reduce pain in the joints associated with being overweight
  • Confidence
Question: How will these accomplishments change your life for the better?
  • Be a role model to my 2 beautiful daughters
  • Change my eating habits, double major tick!!
  • Get strong again, major tick!
  • To wear a singlet without worrying about my tuck shop arms, I now actually own more singlets than anything else
  • Not be afraid of having my photo taken (I’m a bit of a selfie taker now hahaha)
  • Physical well-being and better health
Hahahaha if someone said one day you will be 38kg lighter, playing hockey again, climbing ropes, running 15km, doing spartan races or throwing 60kg over my head I would have laughed out loud, but that is what I can do now and every day I am just getting fitter and stronger. At nearly 49, I just can’t believe what this old body is capable of.

Never ever think its too late, it isn’t, never feel embarrassed or disappointed if you cant do what others are doing, everyone started somewhere, most started where you are now. The best bit of advice I can share is:


As Nike says, JUST DO IT!  you will love yourself for it.

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