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Does your day include any of these 5 simple and healthy tips?

Does your day include any of these 5 simple and healthy tips?
Published: 07/02/2016

These are all very simple and easy tips that you can introduce to your daily routine to help your health. Let's use this list as a reminder and checklist to start the week. Aim to implement each tip into every day of this week and see how you feel.

  1. Stay hydrated. Water is the best way of achieving this. Adding some himalayan pink salt and lemon to your first drink of water for the day aids in retaining more of the water you consume. Drinking a large amount of water is not seen as healthy anymore, it is more important to retain more of what you drink.
  2. Get a good night sleep. Aim for between 6-8 hours every night and don't make excuses like your favourite T.V. show was on (we can watch whatever we like whenever we like now with technology), prioritise your sleep patterns (for all the parents reading this, sorry, I am aware this is a huge challenge for you). Also to aid in improving your sleep quality, limit your blue screen (laptop, mobile, tablet etc) contact two hours before heading to bed and try to ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible.
  3. Exercise. If you have not exercised in a long time start with a 10 minute walk in the morning before work.
  4. Limit processed sugar intake. We all know it is bad, so limit it. Coffee actually tastes great without it, if not maybe you need to see a new barista!
  5. Be grateful. Write down 3 things that you are grateful for every night. This will help you create a positive mindset which in turn will make sticking to these 5 tips quite easy!


Written by Luke McCracken

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