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CrossFit Gymnastics Workshop

CrossFit Gymnastics Workshop
Published: 07/11/2020


The Movements Method Gymnastics Seminar is an immersive experience into the world of CrossFit Gymnastics. Jacob from The Movements Method brings over 14 years of industry experience (as a gymnast, MAG and WAG coach, advanced WAG bar specialist and CrossFit coach) together in a fun, creative, and captivating seminar that leaves attendees walking away with new or improved skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied. 

Why would you want to attend this gymnastics seminar?

During this seminar Jacob will be breaking each gymnastics movement and teaching you exactly what to do at each part of the movements and why we want to do it to result in the best, most efficient movement possible! 

Along with knowledge on each movement, Jacob will also be teaching progression to achieve these movements, so no matter what level you are, this seminar will teach you how to get from where you are to where you want to be!

What will you get at the seminar:

✅ Confidence in your movements and your progression

✅ Movements to improve your gymnastics training 

✅ Techniques to improve your mobility 

✅ Strength to improve your overall gymnastics

✅ Movements to improve your overall gymnastics capacity


Location: Ariston Fitness, Shed 2, 51 Johanna Boulevard, Kensington (Bundaberg) Qld 4670

Participants will run through what pristine execution of “The Basics” feels like. An emphasis of these “Basics” highlight the need of positions to create transferrable strength, harder skills and linear progress.

Athletes are then taken through a combination of practical work and small mini breakout theory explanations. The relevant theory is demonstrated in practical format during each section to solidify the learning process.

During the five hours, participants will build upon skills from their roots - all the way through to Rx movements. No detail is spared - Nothing over looked.

Learn More about The Movements Method:

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