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Published: 04/06/2019

My biggest challenge before starting personal training was pull ups! I initially started one on one sessions because I wanted to be able to do pull ups. I was annoyed that after years of training I was still unable to do a pull up, even though I felt I was getting stronger.

Even though I initially wanted to do pull ups, I have found that the one on one sessions have been beneficial to work on my overall strength and have seen results in my training. The sessions also helped when I was pregnant with my 3rd child and believe that these sessions, along with consistent training during my pregnancy, enabled me to return quicker and with little loss of strength.

I have been able to achieve PB’s with my heavy lifts and this is a result of being able to specifically work on building strength during the sessions.

If you are considering personal training I would say do it! Being able to focus on certain techniques during one on one sessions allows you to practice them during class workouts too which in turn allows you to get stronger.

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